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A Black Dog Clambake

If you're lucky enough to visit The Black Dog Tavern on Vineyard Haven harbor, our Clam Bake is a must-have. Even if you can’t visit, you can bring a taste of the island home. Pick up the freshest ingredients from your local fishmonger (or better yet, gather your own), set a pot of water on the stove, spread some newspaper on the table, roll up your sleeves, and dig in! We think that there is no better way to enjoy these tasty gifts from the sea.


One 1 1/4 lb. live lobster
1/4 lb. small new red potatoes, quartered
1/4 lb. of linguica
1 ear of sweet corn
1/4 lb. mussels
1/2 lb. steamers
lemon wedges
melted butter
lobster cracker/picks

1.  When purchasing the seafood, ask for small net bags used for clambakes.  Fill the bags with the various ingredients & tie closed.

2.  Put 1 1/2 - 2 inches of water in a lobster steamer or the largest stockpot you can find & bring to a boil.  For large parties, consider renting a large stock pot with gas burner (especially for outdoor parties!)  Place lobsters in the pot & replace lid.  Continue adding all the lobsters.

3.  Arrange the filled net bags in layers over the lobsters.  Start with the potatoes, then the linguica, corn, mussels, & steamers.  Replace lid.

4.  Steam everything for about 20 minutes.  The mussels should be open, lobsters bright red, and potatoes cooked through.  Cook for more time as needed.  The more that is in the pot, the longer the cooking time may need to be adjusted and be sure to check your water level!

5.  When done, pour everything out onto large serving platters and serve with lemon wedges, melted butter, and plenty of napkins ...clambakes must be eaten with your hands!  Wrap things up with a nice sunset as the final ingredient to this perfect meal.


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