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Meet our Dog Brand Ambassadors!


Welcome to all the 2019 BD Dog Ambassadors!

We are looking forward to sharing all the adventures, fun photos
and friendships that are made along the way of this journey! We proudly introduce all 14 of our ambassadors!
Fenway & Enzo @fenwaytheblacklab
They are a father and son duo from Massachusetts.
Fenway has been a part of the family since he was a puppy and
Enzo was adopted in when he entered “retirement”
They are best friends and bring the best out in each other and
love going for swims at the beach!
Charlie is a fun and goofy mini Golden Doodle from Massachusetts!
He is obsessed with sticks and almost always has to
hold something in his mouth when he gets excited!
Callie Jane @whipador_it_good
Callie is a rescued whippet from Massachusetts!
She loves to explore new parks, dog friendly places,
and go on runs with her mom!
Kimber is a 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog from Virginia!
She enjoys taking walks on the local trails and taking trips
out in public to meet new people. She is a Therapy Dog certified
with Therapy Pets Unlimited and she volunteers
at a local hospital for pet-therapy visits!
Tilly is a wild golden retriever from North Carolina who loves to get her "zoomies" out.
Living life off the leash gives Tilly the freedom to run wild and free!
Goose is a Black lab from Massachusetts!
Whether it’s hiking in the lakes region, enjoying the boat with his hoomans,
or exploring breweries/Boston; Goose is always out and about exploring!
Harper @lrae96
Harper is a 2 year old adventure loving, squeaky toy Chihuahua/Yorkie Mix!
She is a bundle of happiness and goes everywhere with her mom -
vacation, hikes, trips to the beach - Harper does it all!
Tyber is a 6-month old Australian Shepherd from North Carolina!
       He focuses on building an online community of like minded pet owners by offering
a look into "puppyhood," sharing training progress and advice,
and offering guidance on breeder selection,
healthy food/treat options, and dog friendly activities!
He is a Daschund from Massachusetts!
Despite his short legs and long body, Hubble adventures everywhere!
On weekdays, he rides the subway to the heart of the city and goes to work
with his mom or drives to his dad's office! When he's not busy being
the office mascot, licking stranger's elbows on the subway, or
the being home security system (a.k.a scaring the mail carrier away),
Hubble is always on an adventure! On the weekends, he loves riding
the ferry to Martha's Vineyard and playing fetch with his friends in Ocean Park.
Woodrow is a blue harlequin Great Dane and lives in SoCal!
He loves to be outdoors! Woodrow loves to hike, take naps and watch TV.
He is as goofy as he looks and full of love!
Nova is a golden retriever from New York!
She loves life outdoors and spending time in the Hamptons, on the lake,
at the jersey shore and beyond in the summertime! Nova was named after
her pawrents college - Villanova university so naturally she LOVES the preppy style
Thatcher is a French bulldog from Massachusetts!
Thatcher was diagnosed with an incurable spinal disease in 2017 however,
that doesn’t stop him from going out and adventuring! He loves the beach,
taking trips to Marthas Vineyard and visiting the Black dog Stores!
Oakley is a Red Merle Australian Shepherd from California!
He is an extrovert and loves to meet new hoomans and doggos. At home, he loves
to play fetch and end his days with cuddling. He is very nosey and has
to check everything out and be a part of everything going on around him! 



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