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Captain's Letter

Life off the Leash

Summer 2018 

I could be easily discouraged by the snowfall that we’ve had through this first week of April.  However, I know that tonight, as I walk from my workshop to my truck, I will hear the early song of the spring peepers despite Mother Nature’s best attempts to prolong her wintry grasp.  In the days ahead we will continue to welcome the harbingers of the summer season.  Daffodils will pop their weary heads through the ground and the osprey will return to their nests along our shorelines. Our crew will hoist the sails high above the Tall Ships Alabama and Shenandoah in preparation for sunset sails and our week-long kids’ sailing camps. The the windows of the Tavern will open wide, allowing the fresh salt air to spill in, the perfect antidote to a long winter.  Our Black Dog General Stores will open their doors to welcome friends...some faces will be new, while others will be old friends stopping by for their annual visit. Catching up with our guests (and their dogs!)...sailing the island’s coast...enjoying a cup of chowder by the water...these are just a few of the things that make me excited for summer to begin again.

I hope that you will glance through our catalog and enjoy what we have to offer.  Perhaps you may even schedule a trip to see us at one of our General Stores, the Tavern, or our Bakeries this summer.  We’d love to have you.  If you can’t make it, we hope that the images will make you feel not so far away. 

~ Captain Robert S. Douglas
Founder of The Black Dog Tavern Co.



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