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Captain's Letter

Life off the Leash.

Summer 2017 :  As I write this, Daylight savings time has come to pass and the sun is just beginning to set beyond Vineyard Haven harbor.  the longer days have me optimistic of the summer yet to come.  We recently opened the doors to our newest General Store in historic Charleston, SC and recent I was asked to tell the story again of how I ended up building a Tavern on the island of Martha's Vineyard.  Like all good stories, this one begins with a promise I made to myself many years ago.  As a boy I visited the island often, watching the ferries shuffle visitors back and forth while aboard my 15ft sailboat.  I told myself that one day I would return, build a ship, find a dog to sail by my side, and to call the Vineyard my home.

The years passed, but the island continued to call me back.  One day I decided to leave the trappings of my day to day life and make my childhood dream a reality.

The story continues with the building of my boats, Shenandoah and Alabama, both of which I continue to sail along our coast today.  I would rescue a feisty pup named "Black Dog" who was my faithful sailing companion for many years.  And lastly, I built a Tavern which would serve as a meeting place for anyone who cared to join me after a day on the water. My dream had become a reality.

And as a new season begins, I'm reminded of the promise I made to myself all those years ago.  I wonder if any of you who visit this summer will make a similar promise, maybe to stay a little bit longer, swim in the ocean one more day, enjoy one more ice cream cone, one more sunset sail.  I sure hope you do.

~ Captain Robert S. Douglas
Founder of The Black Dog Tavern Co.



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