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Rescue Tails: Real Life Stories of Doggie Adoption

Meet Nick

His owner Susan from Middletown, RI writes:

"I lost my beloved shelter black lab, Dropkick Murphy very unexpectedly in November. I was devastated. I wasn’t looking for a dog. I saw a dog on Facebook this past March. He was in a South Carolina shelter. He had been tossed out of a car into a Waffle House parking lot. I kept going back to look at his photo. Over and over. I commented on his picture.The shelter staff reached out to me. Nick was heartworm positive. He was being treated so he couldn’t travel yet. Then came the pandemic. No transport was allowed. During this time, Nick was staying in a wonderful foster home. Then I received a call. A group of pilots that offer to fly rescue animals in their own planes, on their own time could bring Nick to me! Two weeks ago Nick arrived in Rhode Island. He went from literally being tossed away like garbage, to flying in two private planes to a new life"

Meet Cash

His owner Christopher from South Deerfield, MA writes:

“We got Cash in 2018 from a local rescue and he was originally in Georgia. They said he was 1-2 years old when we got him. He is a black lab mix and went through a bit of a journey to get back to fully healthy. He was sadly underweight and had heart worms when we got him. He was about 60 pounds, but is now a healthy 80 pounds and heart worm free! He’s a lovable dork and the beach pictures are from Chappaquiddick last year. It was his first ever beach trip and as you can see, he loved it! He was a beach bum all week. He’s a only dog but wants to say hi to everyone and every dog. And of course, he loves his black dog collar and leash.”


Meet Finley


His owner Kate from Exeter, NH writes:

Finley was adopted from Last Chance Arkansas. My husband and I saw Finley’s picture on Petfinder and had to have him! I was relatively new to my company and I bribed my coworker with Kit Kat’s to be a reference for me. Although the candy was not needed I promised that I would spoil Finley and now my life revolves around Fin. Over the past four years we have accomplished a lot together and I am incredibly thankful for my best friend. After training for roughly two years Finley passed his exam and is a certified therapy dog! In addition he loves dog diving and long walks on the beach as well as ice cream dates. Finley has been a huge part of our family! He was even if our wedding this past Fall dressed in a custom tuxedo!

Meet Cooper

Cooper Cooper Rescue Tails

His owner Kirsten from Islip, NY writes:

We had been looking for a dog to help our aging black lab feel a little more motivated to get up as she was hurting from arthritis. While on a work trip I saw his mug picture from a high kill shelter in LA and this group of volunteers needed $50 to spring him and board him for a week. I volunteered to foster him on Monday night and by Wednesday of last Easter week he boarded a rescue road trip truck on his way to NY via New York retriever rescue group. He has been a great addition to our family and the perfect level of energy for our other lab and kids. Cooper originally named Dude had gained about 30 lbs and loves going to doggy daycare to get his rough tumble play and snuggles on couch. He learned how to play with toys and chew bones.

Meet Dino

Dino Dino 2

His owner Andria from Succasunna, NY writes:

Haven't had a dog in 12 years but the time was right. Filled out applications and heard "we'll keep you on file, on the waiting list, etc". Then one evening a few hours after getting that same reply we got a second email saying they just had an intake are you able to take him? Dino was coming to us from 2 previous homes where he had been longing for love and guidance. He was a mess and underweight. Since we we were in quarantine he was to start as a 30 day foster but within 2 hours we knew he was home. He has been a very good boy since arriving 4 weeks ago.

Meet Harley Rae

Harley Rae Harley

Her owner Lindsey from Portsmouth, VA writes:

I had been looking for a dog for months, then randomly decided to stop by my local shelter one Monday to look. Harley was the first dog I saw & as soon as I got to meet her 1 on 1 I knew she was the perfect dog for me. Animal control had found her locked in a crate sitting on the side of the road. They believe she was used for breeding & then dumped. When I adopted her 3 years ago she was very timid & didn't really know what life was like outside of a crate. Now she’s 5 years old & exploring the great outdoors! Harley’s favorite activities are swimming, hiking, & camping! We love adventuring around Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee!

Meet Elvis


His owner Kim from Stewartstown, PA writes:

My husband, Dalton, & I got married in June 2018. We are both teachers in the Baltimore, MD area but live across the state line in PA. We weren't ready to start a human family yet but knew we wanted a dog. We found our boy at Animal Rescue, Inc only 10 minutes away from our house. We originally were looking at another dog, and we didn't even know that Elvis (known as Termite at the rescue) existed. When the dog did not work out for us, they suggested we look at "Termite." They said he was very friendly, loved dogs, got along with cats, liked children, and was their go-to dog for pet shows and other public events. They brought him out, and we immediately fell in love. We've had him for 4 months now, and he has been the best. We named him Elvis, and we love our little family.

Meet Cali

 Cali from The Black Dog Rescue TailsCali from The Black Dog Rescue Tails

Her owner Samantha from York, ME writes:

I visited my local shelter a few weeks after i moved into my first apartment as a sophomore in college. I was just going to look and planned to foster short term before i made a long term commitment. Immediately i was drawn to a 10 year old chocolate lab, very overweight and just needed some help. After a lot of thought i decided it wasn’t fair for her to live on the second floor of an apartment and should have the opportunity to live out her years with a family in a home with a yard. A kennel attendant quickly told me about ‘Sally’ who was actually her kennel mate, who i regretfully say i had overlooked, just like every person who had gone to OLHS before me. Sally was 5 1/2, 55lbs, and a black lab mix. When the woman said she had been there for longer than normal for our kill-shelter and her time was running out very quickly, i immediately filled out the paperwork to foster. The shy little girl in her kennel was wiggling her whole body and shaking her tail like no tomorrow when they brought her out to me. I melted with her already sugar sprinkled face. Her name became Cali and a few weeks later i officially adopted her, it definitely wasn’t my plan but it was hers. It’s been almost 4 years since that day and that sugar now covers a good bit of her face. We’ve lived in 5 different homes, had roommates, many dog roommates, even more fosters, and she has two furver brothers now. Cali’s driven 23 hours to and from school countless times, she spent 4 years next to me watching me study, and I’m so happy for her that I’ve graduated and my girl finally gets her very own backyard. She may be almost 10 but happily keeps up with her younger brothers. I’m so lucky the universe brought me my Black Dog when i needed her.”

Meet Cece

Cece The Black Dog Rescue Tails

Her owner Martina from Shelton, CT writes:

Ever since I could remember I knew I loved dogs and needed one in my life, however, being 3 years old and living with my parents they sort of had a say in it all and since dealing with me was already plenty, my mom was not ready to take on a dog as well. Flash forward to being 10 years old and refusing to leave my parents native country of Croatia without my beloved Fido that I had met on my grandparents farm (pronounced Feed-oh, he’s European after all), my mom finally caved and I was with my first dog for an amazing 16 years. Experiencing the passing of Fido is by far one of the most difficult experiences of my life to date and after he passed there was such a tremendous space missing in my life that I knew would be difficult to fill. Another skip forward to about 2 years later and I felt ready to start looking for a pup. After having met a few doggies that were up for adoption I was realizing it was going to be very difficult to find that bond that I had with Fido. After almost giving up entirely on my search my sister found a website called howimetmydog.com and matched with this adorable nugget, Cece. It was instant upon meeting little Cece that she was meant to be with me and just as quickly she was welcomed into my heart and my home and she is the biggest bundle of joy (and speed) you'll ever meet. She loves her bully sticks, chasing each and every leaf floating around the wind outside and cuddles. She is the sweetest little pup with a very big personality and there’s no telling her what to do because her way is the best way…and only way. I can’t wait to see what adventures we have in store and know in a way Fido sent her to me and is watching over us.”

Meet Curley

Curley The Black Dog Rescue Tails

His owner May from Long Beach, CA writes:

Curley was a stray in our neighborhood and came to us looking for a home. Although many neighbors wanted to catch him, he chose us because he took a liking to my Dalmatian dog and starting following us on our walks. One day he came in our yard and allowed me to touch him and I was able to take him to a vet and learned he did not have a tag or chip. After a week when no one claimed him, we adopted him when in reality he adopted us. He had been with us for over 10 years and have been a very loyal happy protective dog. We love him a lot. We would like to say we rescued him, but I know he really rescue us and made our family complete. Thank you Curley! You are a blessing.”

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